Monday, February 18, 2008

Drug Abuse - what are the signs and the effects of drug abuse?

Drug Abuse - What are the signs(symptoms) and the effects of drug abuse?

Drug abuse normally happen to those suffers emotionally as escapism to their problems. This is due to the fact that they considered this type of chemical can change the way they feel and behave. They believe by taking drugs they can get away from their loneliness, tension, sadness, and all the negative feelings. This kind of notion, lead them to abuse drugs and get addicted.

Therefore, to solve this worldwide crisis, we have to understand the sign and symptoms of drug abuse, so that the right actions can be carried out.

What are the signs of drug abuse? How to determine whether someone have a drug problem or not?

In terms of health and behavior pattern, they will often feel anxiety, depress, anger, they cannot coordinate well, cannot concentrate well, cannot remember well and hearing or seeing things that are not existing).

In terms of financial matters, they often pay bills late or maybe cant afford to pay rent or bills, they can't get hold of their money, they begin stealing and other negative activities they never commit before.

In terms of employment of school, they often late to work or school, and they have difficulties to concentrate to their jobs.

In terms of social life, they spend less time to their normal daily activities, because the time is allocated for enjoying the drugs, and they tend to get angry when someone questioning about their drug activities.

The effects of drug abuse are not all the same, as they depend on the type of drug used. Take for example the effects of heroin drug abuse. Some of the short and long term effects are depressed respiration, cluttered mental, vomiting, spontaneous abortion, infected by diseases like hiv/aids, dysfunctional vein, valves or heart, infected by bacteria, arthritis and problem such alike.

The degree of seriousness in taking your drug use will determine the degree of dependency to the drug. When drugs are so important that you are willing to sacrifice everything for the drugs, it means you are addicted to that drugs. Furthermore, your brain already gets used to the substances and it requires more frequent doses to acquire the same effects.

Some drugs are extremely addictive and require detoxification for a removal from the body system which leads to muscle pain, chills, vomiting, headaches, cravings. However, these withdrawal effects will decrease over time.

After knowing the signs and effects of drug abuse, we have to know what are the options we have for drug abuse treatment.

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