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The Best Drug Treatment Programs and Drug Addiction Treatment (drug abuse treatment)

The Best Drug Treatment Programs and Drug Addiction Treatment (drug abuse treatment).

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The best drug treatment program is a term thrown around quite easily these days. Whether there is a best drug treatment program is up for debate , but there are drug treatment programs that are better than others.

What Makes One Drug Addiction Treatment Program Better Than Another

While all drug addiction treatment programs state they are the best, there can be vast differences. A few of these differences are;

* Some drug addiction treatment programs only receive state licensure, while others recieive their Joint Commission Accreditation.

* A drug treatment program can provide their own drug detox program, while others refer those patients out to other detox centers.

* Look at the drug treatment facility itself, it is obvious which drug treatment centers realize the facility itself plays an important role in a persons recovery

* Does the drug treatment facility employ physicians trained in addiction treatment medicine and are ASAM certified (American Society of Addiction Medicine)

Does the drug treatment center provide specialty drug treatment programs?

A specialty service in the drug addiction program could be for sexual trauma, eating disorders, dual diagnosis or even treatment for the gay and lesbian community. A specialty program for the LGBT community might include staff trained in dealing with issues specific to the gay community, as well as, groups specific to the gay population. A dual diagnosis treatment program would include psychiatrists trained in addiction medicine and an addiction treatment staff capable of dealing with mental health issues.

Jonathan Huttner is one of the founders of a national addiction treatment helpline 1-800-511-9225, which can help you locate effective treatment anywhere in the United States. Take your time when looking for a drug treatment program. Anyone can find one but finding a drug addiction treatment program capable of meeting your specific needs is another task. If you require assistance in locating a drug treatment program or dual diagnosis treatment center, you can always call the national addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-511-9225.

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